For Residents

For Residents

Current Resident Feedback

We would like to announce the launch of a new online survey for current residents within the Stanford Rental Communities.

Stanford West Buildings
Stanford West Buildings

Thinking of Moving?

While we never enjoy saying goodbye to community members, often a move means leaving Stanford West Apartments.


Do all leaseholders (residents over 18) have to be eligible?

Eligibility for the household will be based on the highest eligible person. Roommates do not need to be eligible; however, if the eligible person leaves their eligible position, the lease will move to Market Rate.

What if my position at Stanford becomes part-time?

If you are at least 75% FTE you will remain at Stanford Rate. If you fall below 75% FTE your lease will change to Market Rate.

What if I resign or retire?

Each household will be re-certified annually. Please note, upon retirement a resident will no longer qualify for the Stanford Market Rate.

What about rent increases?

If you sign a lease, rents are guaranteed for the duration of the lease term. At least 30 days before renewal, rent changes will be announced. The only rent increases that are restricted are those for the BMR (Below Market Rate) homes which are limited to one-third of the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for All Urban Consumers, Rent Residential, San Francisco-Oakland Area.