Swim Lessons

Want to learn to swim or strengthen your strokes? Swim with Coach Andrew at Stanford West. Andrew has 20+ years of coaching experience.  Each lesson is 30 minutes in length, and each lesson will cater to making you or your child a safer and stronger swimmer. Lessons are available, year round, based on availability, and are offered on both Saturdays and Sundays. Hours vary by season.  Additional days are offered during the warmer months.

The masters swimming coach has been ranked in the top 10 nationally and internationally, finishing the 2008 Alcatraz race second overall. He allows each student to grow and thrive in the water to the best of their ability, and can help parents decide when their child is ready for a swim team and career success as a competitive swimmer.

Parents, in the comments section below, please be as specific as possible on the ability of you, or your kids swim strength and experience level. If the lesson is for a child, please indicate there age(s) as well. Please also indicate a preferred window of time and day that you are available for the lessons. Each 30 minute slot accommodates up to four students. 



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