Special Resident Notification

Attention Stanford West Residents:

We need your help to keep our community clean. Please click HERE to open up a flyer with some helpful hints and ways to keep Stanford West beautiful!

Attention Pet Owners: 

We have had a few recent complaints from the City of Palo Alto and residents who have had uncomfortable encounters with dogs off leash around the property. We are reaching out to our residents to remind them of our rules and regulations concerning keeping dogs on leashes and cleaning pet litter. Knowing and abiding by our community’s animal-related ordinances will help make our neighborhood a better place for everyone. For more details please click HERE to open a flyer that has helpful hints and information about our Pet Policy.

Community Garden Program:

Stanford West Apartments Community Garden Program has become a popular amenity for our residents. The program provides an opportunity to participate in its 100% organic garden by auctioning off small garden plots each year. The plots are located on the median divider of Clark Way between Charles Marx Way and Mosher. In these plots, only organic materials can be used and pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or chemically treated wood products are strictly prohibited. 

We will be conducting a new lottery drawing for these plots on Saturday, April 20th, 1:00 pm at the Stanford West Leasing Office.

Interested residents will be handed tickets just before the drawing and must be present at the time of the drawing to win. Upon winning, a Community Garden Agreement must be signed and a watering key will be provided to you. The term of the agreement is for approximately one year starting April 20, 2019 and ending March 31, 2020 at which time another lottery will be held. During the term of the agreement plot holders are responsible for the maintenance and tidiness of their garden plots. 

For more information on the rules and regulations governing this program please click [Stanford West Apartments Community Garden Rules].

Stanford West Apartments Newsletter:

Please click HERE to read updates on our community.

Stanford's General Use Permit and Palo Alto Schools

Recently, there has been substantial discussion in the community about the potential impacts on Palo Alto schools from new students generated by the on-campus housing proposed in Stanford's General Use Permit.  Please click HERE to view a handout with frequently asked questions that we hope will provide helpful information and build awareness and constructive community conversation on this very important issue.